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Hygienic Solutions BV awarded Protocol 3 Certificate on Mistral Direct Chill water cooler

At the beginning of May 2010, Dutch manufacturer of CoolerClean, Hygienic Solutions BV, was awarded its third Protocol 3 Certificate after a Challenge Test carried out at Laboratorio Dr. Oliver Rodes in Spain. This marked the first Protocol 3 Certificate on a Direct Chill/POU water cooler.  

What is Protocol 3?
On 15 April 2010, Ben Steur of Hygienic Solutions BV travelled to Laboratorio Dr. Oliver Rodes in Barcelona to carry out the sanitisation on the Mistral Mini Evo water cooler. As this cooler type does not allow brushing on the inside, it meant that the CoolerClean System had to prove its merits all on its own, based only on a contact time and an effective protocol. The Protocol 3 Challenge Test entails that a proprietary string of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa of Laboratorio Dr. Oliver Rodes must be eliminated, and kept eliminated for 14 days after sanitisation, on three separate water coolers.

Protocol 3 to the Power of 3!
The CoolerClean System has meanwhile proven its effectiveness under Protocol 3 on three separate water cooler types: EBAC Classic Cooler, OASIS Bottled Cooler and Mistral Mini Evo Direct Chill Cooler. For each specific water cooler type, a protocol can be written that is most effective for that type of water cooler.

Independent Confirmation
Hygienic Solutions BV are happy that effectiveness tests such as the Protocol 3 Challenge Test finally allow a comparison between the various products available on the market today. All marketing efforts aside, only independent effectiveness tests carried out at accredited laboratories are truly  able to show which products are effective, and do exactly what it says on the label.

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